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The Significance of Custom Plush Toys for Enterprises

 If we refer to the enterprises’ brand building, the first idea flashes into our mind is to improve the expanded influence of the enterprises. With the improvement of people’s living standard and the progress of their ideas, the custom plush toys have become a part of people’s daily life. Therefore, many enterprises have its own enterprises image or custom mascot plush toys to improve the influence of the enterprises and spread the enterprise culture. That’s the reasons why the custom plush toys are popular enough.

The plush toys which represents the brand of enterprises are also known as the second brand logo. Compared with the rigid logo, fun plush toys are easier to remember, especially for the new generation of young people or children who are born after the age of 90s or 00s. In the era of image reading, competition starts from the vision. If customers could not have an opportunity to see your enterprises, it’s meaningless to talk about the production recognition. The vision creates the desire value as well as the brand also has the same function. The first principle of the enterprises brand is the cognition and the vision is the first mean to strengthen it. A plush toy with unique features could be fallen in love with it accompanied with the feeling of amazing.

Visualization to build emotional connections.

World famous business master Woerle said, "if the name and logo is your face to be remembered by people, the custom plush toys are your hands to seize other people hands and create the emotional connection. What’s more, the new generation of the consumers pay more attention to the personalized needs and spiritual pleasure. The personification of plush toys enables customers to have a sense of affinity for the relevant brands, so as to establish an internal trust and affinity of emotional connection.

Brand differentiation.

Custom plush toys have become a new trend as well as a way of brand differentiation. Enterprises or brands use toys to attract customers in order to increase their sales. Custom plush toy which is lovely and easy to give people a sense of intimacy is loved by the most of people. If enterprises use the custom plush toys as their image representation, there is no doubt that customers will be fond of it and do well in developing new customers.

High identification.

Identification means it has to own unique features. Just like an actor who is beautiful or different in appearance is easier to be remembered by the audience. The custom plush toys play the same part in actor, which is people could not remember the actor if the appearance of him or her is ordinary enough. So it implies the potential design of the custom plush toys have to catch customers’ attention with strengthening mascot identification by making the shape and color unique.

Brand mascot is a symbol of the enterprise spirit, value, and the core representation of the excellent quality. The process of cultivating a brand is also the procedure to create innovation. In other words, the customers could have a direct feeling on enterprise image which is innovative, creative and powerful by touching the custom mascot plush toys. In addition, the enterprise custom mascot plush toy do play an important role in enterprise culture spreading to strengthen its brand influence and make competitions with other enterprises in many aspects. All in all, the custom mascot plush toys are the key point to maintain the impregnable position in the fierce competition


The pursuit of our custom plush toys are from abstraction to concretion, from culture to products, from technology to art, from classic to transcendence!